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a range of branded apparel, aimed at providing a tangible connection to our digital brand and promoting a sense of community among our users. Here's a brief description of our TAPP IN apparel collection:

  1. T-Shirts: Our t-shirts, available in various sizes and colors, will be made from high-quality, comfortable fabric. The TAPP IN logo will be prominently displayed, symbolizing the connection and unity the brand promotes.

  2. Hoodies: For a more casual and cozy option, we'll offer hoodies in different colors. They will feature the TAPP IN logo and potentially other designs associated with networking and connection, adding a touch of style to the comfort.

  3. Caps: TAPP IN caps will be available in one-size-fits-all variants. The logo will be embroidered, providing a stylish way for users to showcase their association with TAPP IN.

  4. Tote Bags: In line with our eco-friendly ethos, TAPP IN tote bags will be made from durable, sustainable materials. They will feature the TAPP IN logo and can serve as a handy accessory for carrying everyday essentials.

  5. Face Masks: Considering the current health scenario, TAPP IN branded face masks will be part of our merchandise. Made from breathable material, these will be both a health precaution and a fashion statement.

Our merchandise will be a blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Wearing TAPP IN apparel not only allows our customers to identify with our brand, but also helps spread the word about our innovative digital business/life card services.

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